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I was blessed to have spent much of my early life in the New Forest. To this day this is where my heart and soul belong… where I feel whole. Riding amongst the trees and plants I felt totally at home. I have always loved woodland and animals and felt the need to be part of the eternally beautiful landscape that Mother Nature has provided. 

A shy and sensitive only child, I found school a rude awakening. My naturally creative free spirit and temperament were hampered by the structure and discipline. From an early age I was a self-starter and was always engrossed in a project, be it putting on a puppet show or organising a gymkhana!

My grandfathers were both keen gardeners and taught me about growing vegetables, herbs and flowers. My grandmothers were wonderful homemakers. My mother was a caring and generous soul whose pride and joy was her rose garden. This was her sanctuary. So my love for these beautiful flowers was encouraged from an early age. She also had a wonderful sense of colour and an appreciation of classical music.

Bizarrely it was my father, a totally logical, unemotional  Solicitor, who taught me about the soul, energy, yoga and meditation. I immediately latched on to the knowledge that he shared with me. This was what I was seeking. I almost got expelled from school for possessing a book on yoga! This was the challenge of those wonderful flower power sixties! 

I was introduced to the Bach Flower Remedies after the death of my Grandfather. We had been very close and this was my first experience of grief. The Remedies were wonderfully comforting and I started to learn more about them, eventually becoming a Registered Practitioner.

I first encountered Astrology in my early twenties. It was truly a light bulb moment! I could not read enough about it despite having qualified as a Barrister and living very much in a traditional world. It quite simply spoke to me and  I taught myself to draw up charts from a very old book… in those days, without a computer programme! 

It was several years later when my three children were at school that I started a correspondence course and also found a group taught by an inspiring Astrologer, Sheila Harrison, who held a diploma from the Centre of Psychological Astrology. The group was together for about 7 years. At this time I also learned about Psychosynthesis and how it can really make the horoscope come alive. With my qualification from the Faculty of Astrological Studies I needed to find a counselling course to practise and was so, so blessed to find the Centre for Counselling and Psychological Education in London.

The orientation of the training is Transpersonal, so I could continue to learn about the journey of the soul within the context of a solid understanding of Psychotherapy. I studied here for 7 years. It fed my heart and soul. The Advanced Diploma included Alchemy which I found fascinating, it works so well with Astrology. 

At the turn of the century I moved my psychotherapy practice to Wiltshire and I became interested in Shamanism. Again I landed on my feet and trained with Shamanka in Dorset.  I became a practitioner after many years of training and hold an Advanced Diploma. 

I have also studied Colour healing with Marie Louise Lacey and studied the Kabbalah over several years with Will Parfitt, author of many books on The Kabbalah and Psychosynthesis. This deepened my spiritual work and its application in my practice. 

My love of nature, plants and animals was nurtured by the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids. Their course was magical, linking the respect for the Earth with the spiritual. I have recently been studying energy and sound healing with Silvie Turner.  I am now learning about sacred oils with Felicity Warner

I am a Reiki Master and also hold a qualification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 

I now live in Dorset with my dog and continue to indulge my passion for herbs, roses and trees!

Shelley Dunmore

As a bee sucks nectar from all kinds of flowers,

Seek teachings everywhere;

Like a deer that finds a quiet place to graze,

Seek seclusion to digest all that you have gathered;

Like a madman beyond all limits, go wherever you please,

And live like a lion, completely free from fear.

Tibetan Buddhist Tantra

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