The daily rising and setting of the Sun is a fundamental feature of life on Earth. For over 6,000 years man has looked up to the skies for guidance. Observation of the heavens led people to understand that there is a pattern in the movement of planets against the backdrop of the stars. There are accurate records on clay tablets dating from 3,800 years ago tracking these transits.

Valued and derided, possibly in equal measure, Astrology has found expression in some form in every culture.  The origins of Astrology in the West  can be traced back to Mesopotamia. Chaldean Priests were Astrologers as were the Magi who followed the Star of Bethlehem to find Jesus, and as such they were highly respected. Greek herbalists and alchemists included Astrology in  their  medicine and healing knowing that to understand more about the patient they would be better able to effect a cure. 

Astrology and Astronomy were originally seen to be inextricably linked and it is only recently that science has decreed that the movement and position of the planets is more important than the effect they have on us. It is an art and a science and makes sense of the fact that life on Earth is totally interwoven with the wider universe.

Astrology is Astronomy brought down to Earth and applied to the affairs of men

Ralph Waldo Emerson

So how does this work in practice?

I think of the birth chart or horoscope as a kind of blue print for us. My teacher always said ‘trust the chart’! As a simple example, we may be brought up in a family where we are expected to behave in a  certain way and yet we may have always felt like the black sheep or odd one out. The chart speaks our truth and makes sense of what we know deep down about ourselves.

In order to read your birth chart I need your place and date of birth and, if possible, the time. After I have worked on it we meet up and I give you a basic reading as well as listening to any concerns or challenges you may have . By looking at where the planets were at the time of birth  and where they are at the present time, by transits and progressions, we can see what we need to focus on and where your strengths and weaknesses are and how best to meet your present challenges or to overcome stumbling blocks.

As a method of personal growth it is helpful to work on the personality and the spiritual quest, the latter always being indicated in the chart.  I work with Psychosynthesis looking at the sub personalities represented by the placements of the planets so that the client may develop more self awareness and insight. With  integration and better understanding of themselves the personality can be transformed, synthesised,  into a more dynamic whole.  This is a magical and sacred journey . This is Alchemy. We are searching for the gold within!

The Sorceress, John William Waterhouse
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