Bach Flower Remedies

Born in 1886 Edward Bach was to become a highly respected Bacteriologist, Pathologist and Harley Street Practitioner. From the age of 12 he knew he wanted to become a doctor and to  help relieve illness and suffering.

Edward Bach

During World War II he worked in the wards of University College London with patients as well as continuing his research into disease, its cause and treatment. His window at the hospital  was known as the light that never went out. 

In 1919 he encountered the work of Samuel Hahneman, known as the father of Homeopathy. Hahneman was already putting forward the idea of needing to treat the whole person, not just the disease and in particular looking at the mental and emotional state of the patient. Dr Bach was very much impressed by this approach. 

He was also aware of the different personality types of people he met socially and  professionally. He concluded that certain people were more prone to a particular emotion imbalance than others. Simple examples being, a naturally assertive person becoming angry and aggressive in a negative state whilst a more biddable personality might become withdrawn and lose the ability to stand up for themselves, or become very anxious.

Bach felt that physical disease could be prevented if the emotional imbalance could be addressed first. He was a highly intuitive and sensitive man and became aware that certain trees or flowers could bring on an emotional response in him. This is how the Flower Remedies were created. He discovered that in essence they could relieve the negative emotion. Similar to Homeopathy it is a vibrational, energetic medicine which stimulates the body and mind to heal themselves. He formulated a repertoire of 38 Remedies. Five of them go into making Rescue Remedy which is used all over the world.

No part of the plant is used in the remedies. It is the energy of the flower or tree which is important. The flowers are imbued by the sun energy infused in water and the stems and leaves of trees are boiled in water. This is then bottled to make a Mother Tincture which in turn is further diluted into stock bottles. From these a small bottle of spring water with drops of the essences is made up for the individual client. 

Increasingly today, the medical profession acknowledges that continuing stress and anxiety undermine a person’s vitality and they become more vulnerable to disease. 

There are now many flower essences available, mostly following the model of Dr. Bach‘s pioneering inspiration which are the only ones that are permitted to be called Remedies.

…no knowledge, no science is necessary….and they who will obtain the greatest benefit from this God-sent gift will be those who keep it pure as it is; free from science, free from theories, for everything in Nature is simple’

Dr Edward Bach

So, how does this work in practice? 

A session with me will last for an hour and we will discuss any challenges, blocks or ailments you are experiencing. I make up a small bottle for you with a few drops of up to 7 Remedies which I think will help you.  Examples are holly for anger or jealousy.  Star of Bethlehem for those who need comfort after grief or trauma. Larch for confidence. Oak when a long illness is being endured. The Remedies need to be taken as four drops, four times a day. We have a follow up session after three weeks to see the progress made and then perhaps change the mix. 

The Remedies are subtle and totally safe. They can be used with other medications and taken in pregnancy as well as by  nursing mothers. Children, the elderly and animals can all benefit.  Rescue Remedy is also great for a transplanted plant or tree!

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