Energy, Light and Sound

Within my Shamanic practice I include light and sound healing. I am giving them space of their own because I believe that they are important medicine of the future.

Creation is the transformation of light into matter

Jacob Israel Liberman

These two prime energies are necessary to sustain life on Earth. Sages of the past understood that which science now is able to prove, that our minds and bodies are basically fields of energy that vibrate and connect with each other and the world around us. Throughout each day our personal electromagnetic field covers us in an aura of light and colour which is in tune with and affected by the vibrations of light and sound.  They were revered as sacred and were the epicentre of all ancient religions and now form part of the ever growing popularity of natural holistic awareness.

It is said that the priests on Atlantis used Temples built of interlocking crystals so the light was refracted for healing with colour. There are records of light and colour being used in ancient Mesopotamia and in India there were temples with special healing rooms using sound and colour. Hippocrates 460 BC – 377 BC is  known as the father of Western medicine. He was a holistic healer treating the sick with sound and colour understanding the profound effect they had on the body, mind and soul.  Paracelsus, an Alchemist, Astrologer and pharmacologist used light and colour in his medical practice. 

In 1637 Rene Descartes, a French scientist, observed how a prism could split the white light into rays of colour. We now understand that different colours have different wavelengths and these can be  used to heal different parts of the body. 

Whatever ones feels about the Monarchy I feel it is important to acknowledge that in his first Christmas Broadcast King Charles mentioned light six times ending with ‘ …with all my heart I wish all of you a Christmas of peace, happiness and everlasting light.’

How does this work in practice? 

A healing session will last for an hour. You may wish to have hands on healing and include coloured silks which correspond to the colours of the chakras in the body. The chakras are energy wheels which in turn correspond with the endocrine system in the body.  There are 7 main chakras. For optimum health they need to be in balance.  Each chakra also resonates with a musical note so we can incorporate sound with the voice or instruments including tuning forks, Tibetan bowls and drumming. 

Colour can also be incorporated using visualisations. You can learn to tone using your voice with the note whilst visualising the colour of each chakra as a daily energy boost!  My collection of instruments is growing… I’m sure you will enjoy them! 

Every day reach to the Sun for its light and feel the vibration of Mother Earth beneath your feet.

The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mysteries of the whole universe

Hazrat Inayat Khan


Sound is quite magical… it is said that the world came into being through sound.

C# is the tonal vibration of the Earth, the Shamans would drum to the pulse of this to connect with spirit and Mother Earth. The toning sound ‘aum’ connects us to the Earth. 

Sound has always been used to calm babies and heal anxiety as well as to terrify the enemy and garner energy for fighting. We make sounds to communicate our feelings, to impart information and to make our presence known. The vibration of sound can be felt long after we can no longer hear it and it is this vibration that helps to heal on a very deep level. 

All the ancient mystery schools used sound as well as light as a creative healing force and a valuable vehicle for transformation. It puts us back into balance when we have spent too much time ‘in our heads’ or become stressed. 

Many will say it is the oldest method of healing known to man.  We know instinctively that music and sound can lift our spirits. We sing when we are happy and sob when we are sad so we really do possess a valuable healing tool within ourselves… our voice.

Creation is the transformation of light into matter.

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