Shamanism is the oldest healing tradition in the world. It originates from a time when the physical and psycho- spiritual were understood to be inextricably linked. Mankind honoured Mother Earth and the abundant home she has always provided for us as well as understanding the existence of a spiritual connection to the divine.

Traces of Shamanism are to be found all over the world from the Americas to Russia. Many of today’s therapies have their roots in these ancient healing arts. Psychotherapy, herbalism, aromatherapy, sound and colour healing are but a few. Our ancestors worked with the forces of nature rather than trying to control them. The ancient ways have endured even when other religions and civilisations have tried to eradicate them. The indigenous people may have gone underground or run to the hills but their mores and traditions survived!

The Renaissance of Shamanism in our present turbulent and transformative times heralds an era of increasing awareness of the need to take responsibility for our own wellbeing as well as for that of the planet. We are now being asked to honour Nature and to no longer treat the Earth as a commodity for our own convenience.

Many consider that here in the British isles we have our own branch of Shamanism in Druidry. This is a nature based philosophy where love and respect for the land is of paramount importance. The Shaman and the Druid Priest were both responsible for the spiritual well being of their community. Both understood that the the health of each person was dependant on their body and soul being nourished on all levels. They worked with guides and allies in the spirit world to give them information about food, health and their safety in the face of enemies. In today’s world they still call on power animals and spirit allies to guide them. Working with the directions and the elements and honouring the seasons with festivals are conducted by both. I feel that the ever growing interest in ancestral healing and also plant spirit medicine have developed within the seamless interface of both traditions.

Red Chestnut Tree

No one needs needs to stand between the creator and you, or between you and the great powers of nature

Mystical Shaman Oracle

So how does this work in practice?

The possibilities are endless! In a session lasting for about an hour we will discuss what you want to achieve. Sometimes we will already have spent time together and feel that a shamanic journey will take you deeper into your work or healing. We may call in power animals or guides to help. A regression into a past life may be indicated to give clarity about a situation. Soul retrieval is needed when a person feels disconnected or fragmented because of a trauma or an inherited negativity. This is deep work and will help them feel integrated, present and empowered.

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